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Submissions to 8bit-micro.com should be sent to:  editor@8bit-micro.com 


We welcome contributions.  If you have an interesting story, technical article, review or historical perspective please

feel free to submit.  We hope that the articles archived here are helpful and entertaining.


Build your own Data Cassette Cable for your TRS-80. Cassette Interface Revealed! - by: Brian

K. Hahn -  There is something very entertaining about loading and saving programs onto a simple

cassette recorder. We map out the cassette interface cable, and give you the information you need

to built your own ..... More




A Null-Modem is a Null Modem Right? - Not Really - by: Brian K. Hahn - We take a closer look

at why many people have trouble transferring files using a store bought Null Modem Adaptor.

..... More




Taking the Screwdriver to your Tandy 1110HD  Replacing the Conner CP2024 IDE Hard Drive

from the Tandy Laptop - by: Brian K. Hahn - Many have written us and asked about replacing the

hard drive on the Tandy 1110HD notebook and until this week I have always replied with the usual, "I

haven't had to attempt that yet."  Yes, you guessed it.  This was the week. ..... More




The Tandy WP-2 & Citizen (NTS) WP10 Revised History! - by: Brian K. Hahn ~ Not many

articles have been written of the subject of portable word processors, but those that are out there

need to be accurate.  I came across a "paper" written and published by "The Computing Teacher,

October 1994" entitled "Laptop Word Processors in the Classroom.  This article was very well

written, it  has glaring errors. ..... More



8bit-Micro talks to the inventor behind the SVD (Semi-Virtual Disk) ~ Eric J. Rothfus - by:

Brian K. Hahn  As an online vintage computer magazine, one of our tasks is to bring together in one

location the old and new solutions for the TRS-80 community.  We found Eric J. Rothfus a true

electronic guru.  He is the inventor of the SVD ..... More




Nickolas Marentes, The Gate Crasher from Down Under! - by: Brian K. Hahn ~ A 3D adventure

game for your Color Computer 3 written in the 21st Century!  From a country that gave us Olivia

Newton-John, Mel Gibson and Nichol Kidman to name a few true talents embraced by the pop

culture, another unsung hero lives, Nick Marentes ..... More



Add Infrared Digital File Transfer Communications to your Vintage Micro! - by: Brian K.

Hahn: Can wireless communications  now be possible for your Tandy 100, 200 or WP2?  We

examine and review two new products that can convert your RS-232 port into a Infrared transmitter.

These new toys make the Tandy WP2, TRS-80 Model 100 and others equals in the portable data

assistants of today ..... More



From File Transfers to Absolute Control - by: Brian K. Hahn:  Using the Tandy WP2 and Citizen

CBM-10WP to control your MS-DOS Computer. We will explore an interesting and seldom published

feature of two great little machines, the Tandy WP2 and Citizen CBM-10WP. ......  More




Transfer Points - By Dan Keen & Robert Murray: Many owners of Tandy MS-DOS computers face

the Job of transferring Model I/III/4 files to their new machines. transfer methods require extra

hardware or software that can cost serious money. But for a few dollars, we built a null modem device

.......  More (Printer Friendly - Version)




David Keil's TRS-80 Emulator - By Brian K. Hahn:  OK, so you hit a garage sale or walked into an

antique mall and found a old TRS-80 sitting there, you paused and after giving  twenty five bucks you

took it home and fired the puppy up.  You heard the drives buzz and then . .Cassette?   Now what. 

Read a review of what we believe is the best emulator out their! ..... More 




The BBS: Patriarch of the World Wide Web - By Brian K. Hahn:   The beginning of the World

Wide Web is not easy to map.  But if you had to put your finger on where it began one could point to

the CBBS created by Ward Christensen and Randy Seuss ... More 







Hi-Tech Micro Builders Looking Over Their Shoulders - By Brian K. Hahn:     Are PC Builders

getting back to their roots, a look at the new trend in portable tools going retro!    Companies like 

QuickPad and Alphasmart are modeling their new tools on the NEC and Tandy's of the past even if

they don't want top admit that.  These are not just look-a-likes they are true tributes to the vintage

portables .... More



Is Your Vintage Computer Obsolete? ... NO! - By Brian K. Hahn

So what was the reason for buying your first computer?  I have been in computer consulting for many

years, beginning on a retail floor and working my way into the office environment. This experience has

given me insights into the market that many a sales professional have acquired. ..... More




Connect a Standard IBM Compatible Printer to your TRS-80 or Tandy 1000! - By Brian K.

Hahn The original TRS-80's and Tandy 1000's are great little machines.  The only real problem they

had was the inability to connect a standard off the shelf PC compatible printer.  This article provides a

table showing you wire by wire connections to alter or build your own TRS-80 to IBM Printer

Cable.......... ...... More





Many periodicals printed about the TRS-80 computer, and other 8bit machines such as the Aquarius, Apple, LNW-80, Kypro had a mass

amount of good information.  For the most part these articles and bits of wisdom have been burned or end up in the compost.  Today when you

pick up magazine most stories are fluff designed to illicit advertising dollars from the top 100 manufacturers.  This is not to say that all

columnists sell out. 


Collected here, as time permits, we have captured articles from many of these  magazines from the past.  Although we have not obtained

written permission to reproduce these articles, every effort will be made to ensure that credits are posted accurately.  If for some reason you find

an article that you may have a vested interest in and do not wish your work posted, please email the webmaster and we will immediately

remove the information with apologies.  But please remember, the purpose of this website is to SUPPORT those who still use these great

machine and to preserve the library of work recorded over the years.  This collection of work just maybe yours.  For those wanting their work

posted here, please email the webmaster and we will include it here.  Thank you for your understanding and consideration.




As avid TRS-80 users we at 8bit-Micro constantly look for new and vintage hardware/software solutions for the old 8bit machines.  We do have

our favorites, and you may not be familiar with them.  Here, you will find reviews on hardware and software still being circulated within the 8bit

community.  We hope they will help, if not inspire you to go digging and resurrect your old Micro.   Have fun..




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 All Rights Reserved.